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Adobe After Effect | 3D Mapping | Mad Mapper | Photoshop

Projection Mapping | Digital Performance | Lighting Sculpture | Immersive Space

11/04/2018 - 24/05/2018

Cooperation project

Light projection installation

βios is a light projection installation that explores the combination of modern high-tech elements and original elements. With times moving at a rapid pace and the power of science gaining momentum, pristine ecology is an issue we are increasingly ignoring. The interests of society and a weakened sense of protecting nature have left many animals facing the test of survival within urban environments. Through this project, I hope to explore the combination of modern technology and original elements to create a new life force and advocate for people to protect natural ecology and animals.

This project is also a new attempt to combine technology and materials. I built a three-dimensional sculpture and used MadMapper to project different visual effects on the model.

Art direction - Yuqing  Liu

Interaction Design - Yuqing Liu

Video editing - Yuqing Liu

Photography- Yuqing Liu



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