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The Department - Omega - 22nd March 2023 by Luke Dyson - LD1_0171.jpg



Creative Experience Design | Luxury Brand Event Visual Design | Graphic Design | Immersive Roaming Experience

15/01/2023 - 17/03/2023

Commercial project

Omega "Every shade of you" Immersive Experience

Visual Direction and Graphic design for Luxury Event

I was responsible for all aspects of graphic design and visual arts in the immersive brand marketing experience of Omega Every Shade of You. I also contributed to the design and execution of user experience, scene creativity, and visual direction. The event was successfully held on March 24, 2023, and received satisfactory results and feedback.

Graphic Design - Yuqing Liu

Art/Visual Director - Yuqing Liu

Creative Ideas - Yuqing Liu

Spatial Visual Design

The Department - Omega - 22nd March 2023 by Luke Dyson - LD1_0638.jpg

Graphic Design for Immersive Space

I crafted a space featuring black-and-white typography, serving as a precursor for participants to transition into the vibrant world of colors.

Motion Design -  Digital Invite

Physical Invitation Card Design

Give away - Scent candles inspired by each room