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Creative Experience Design | Brand marketing campaign main visual design | Business Practice for AI Generated technology | Integration of a Chinese brand into the European market

18/04/2023 - 30/04/2023

Commercial project


Zeekr's European Launch: A Fusion of AI and Visual Creativity

In the rapidly-evolving automotive market, standing out is not just about the product, but how you present it. For the European launch of China's Zeekr brand, I embarked on a journey to combine traditional visual design with the prowess of AI technology, ensuring that our brand's core values - innovation, sustainability, eco-friendliness, and electric power - would shine brightly in every element of our campaign.

Graphic Design - Yuqing Liu

Art/Visual Director - Yuqing Liu

AI-Generated technology development - Yuqing Liu

attention zeekr_with text.png

The Vision

To encapsulate the essence of Zeekr, I envisioned a sleek, metallic ribbon, floating effortlessly in mid-air. This ribbon would weave its way through various scenes, embodying the brand's dedication to sustainability and innovation. This represents not just a car, but a journey; a driver's experience that promises limitless possibilities, beckoning them to follow their heart and ride the winds to wherever they yearn to be. Like the ever-present wind, Zeekr is the indispensable force propelling you forward on the road of life.

Integrating AI and Creative Design

Starting with a nascent idea, the project went through a two-day iterative process where AI-driven design suggestions were continually refined based on descriptive creative concepts and reference visuals. Instead of a prolonged design phase that could span weeks, the synergy of AI and human creativity yielded results in mere days. The AI technology served as both a guide and a tool, nudging the visuals to align closely with the envisioned concept while ensuring uniqueness and freshness in the final output.

截屏2023-10-22 00.27.07.png
截屏2023-10-21 23.42.03.png
截屏2023-10-22 00.30.59.png
截屏2023-10-22 00.17.00.png


截屏2023-10-21 23.44.51.png
截屏2023-10-21 23.45.10.png
截屏2023-10-22 00.19.22.png
截屏2023-10-22 20.57.31.png

In conclusion, this project wasn't just about creating a visual for Zeekr; it was about redefining the very process of visual design, demonstrating that with AI, boundaries can be pushed, timelines can be shortened, and creativity can be augmented. Whether you're an ardent tech enthusiast or a passionate creative, our story of melding AI with design for Zeekr's launch underscores that the future is not just about what we create, but how we create it.

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