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Yuqing Liu, an olfactory interaction artist and immersive experience designer, explores the intersection of scent, memory, and narrative. Celebrated for her pioneering work, Liu's journey started with her acclaimed graduate project at UAL in 2021. She expanded her reach as a lecturer and collaborator with educational institutions in China. Liu's notable projects include the "Every Shade of You" campaign with Omega and EcoScent in 2023, and innovative exhibitions like "VI-SCENT.Lab_Memory Archiving System.”

Yuqing Liu's art is inspired by her grandfather's battle with Alzheimer's, influencing her to use scent to capture and evoke memories. Her work explores the potent link between scent, memory, and emotion in a visually dominated world. Integrating technology with olfactory interaction, Liu’s pieces resonate deeply, aiming to preserve and evoke the ephemeral threads of human experience, expanding sensory interaction in art.


SOLO AI ‘24 AWARD | 10 Finalists

"Ethereal Forms" competition 2024 | Finalist | Art-Collide

99 Future Blue-Chip Artists competition 2024 | Artsted


Data Dreams | Immersive Digital Art Exhibition, London | The eATRh Gallery Paris Art Prize Exhibition - Global Horizons: Celestial Journeys III | Artio Gallery "Ethereal Forms" competition 2024 Art Exhibition | Art-Collide
Future Landscapes | Venice International Art Fair 2024

Dissent Exhibition: Opposition in Contemporary Art | Gallery 44 V-Art Union | International Art & Design Exhibition [V-AU: 2024 / 1] "Jubilee" Online Exhibit and Artist Feature Publication 2024

"Under the world" British Academy Group Exhibition, London The Boiling Ocean | Scent Ritual Installation - Memory Tea Bags

"Sense" Group Exhibition at the Royal College of Art, UK, London
VI-SCENT.Lab: Memory Archiving System | Human-AI collaboration in Olfactory Visualization

University of the Arts London - Postgraduate exhibition 2021 Awakening: Scent Archive | Experimental Scent Interactive Installation

The Condensation of a Cloud Joint Exhibition, Hoxton Gallery, London Sink into the Universe | Installation | Interactive Light Projection


Art Magazineium March 2024 Edition (Issue:37) | Featured Artist Interview

Goddessarts Magazine | Featured Artist Interview | Yuqing Liu
Planet China focus on WOMEN 2024 | Featured Artist | Yuqing Liu Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art | Collectors' Art Book "Interviews With Artists" Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art | Interview | Yuqing Liu
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